Monday, April 27, 2009

We are so honoured to have
Joug designer light pendants instore now.
Joug light
shades are intricate yet simple using mathematical shapes to create a functional form that has aesthetical appeal. Using the material in an intelligent manner, the individual pieces hold adjacent pieces of the light shades together. The Joug designs definitely suit the modern and minimalist home.

We currently have three style of light available by Joug and the offshoot company pookie
the first by pookie are the limited edition exclusive to juniper pendants are $57 and come in all the patterns avaible above. Katie loves the Grey and brown dots while I am in love with the mermaids. these are so lovely you must come in to view. We can do ship worldwide so just email if you MUST have one or two...

The stunning Frangipani light shade is made from hundreds of small symmetrical elements. It reveals a soft 3D texture of an array of flower patterns that resemble the frangipani flower. two sizes large Size: 500mm x 240mm $ and small 355mm x 195mm $198

The Delightful light shade which is unbelievably lovely was inspired by the beautiful fashion designs Andrea Moore creates each season. Using a fabric handpicked by Andrea the Delightful light shade was developed to have a clean design lines and an impacting bold statement.

Your Delightful light shade comes is a beautifully crafted white with red line art box. This will evoke the feeling of receiving a present knowing that there is something special inside waiting to be taken out. I have already bought one!

See you soon!

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