Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New this weeeeeeeek! So excited it's Room 2 flat pack furniture by local designer Jamin Vollebregt
Now I've known Jamin for a while now but sadly I had no idea he was this talented. He's the most humble lovely guy I think I've met. His work is simply excellent. I am the gleeful proud owner of a playhouse with slide which he designed for the shop. The kids in the neighborhood are stoked with it too. Here's a wee bit about Jamin...

Jamin Vollebregt established Room Two in 2004. The company, which has a workshop in Newtown, Wellington, is mostly involved in furniture design, but Room Two also takes on industrial design projects that fit the company's vision of sustainable design. Jamin Vollebregt studied industrial design at Massey University, and he graduated with a bachelor of Industrial Design in 2004. During Christmas 2003/2004, Jamin worked at Cicada Studios, the furniture incubator established by David Trubridge in the
Hawkes Bay.

The Pop Out range is Room Two's first manufactured range. Room Two has undertaken corporate and private commissions in Wellington, including furniture for Peoples Coffee, a fairtrade coffee roastery and espresso bar in Newtown, Wellington. Room Two is currently working on a second range of plywood and pine furniture which will be manufactured next year.

Space stool $220 nzd Puzzle table $230 nzd

Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Stock now are the coolest Spaceage lookin' totes. We had these last season and I got so many people telling me they loved mine I promised myself I'd get them in again when possible. They hold soooooo much stuff and easily flip from wet to dry with a wipe. You can veggie shop in the morning have a briefcase by day, wine bottle tote by night. Yes, sometimes one needs to carry that much wine. Also a new Koziol addition are these ubber cool cake stands. Love them! my cupcakes will look so "Jetsons" on them, hence the pic of the robot cupcakes. I'm totally going to make for my sons 5th.

Attention good people of the world! I have saved some brain cells up this weekend and managed to design the poster for the next lucky dip nite...here it is.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

All I can say is that this class was pure silly fun. The projects were Wool knitting needle flowers, Scented Drawer sachets & Tie on ice packs for first aid .
If I were Heidi Klume (we're like twins) and this were Project Runway they would all be... "IN" because each and every one played with the concepts and made them totally fun. Thank you to the 26 ladies who attended this class making this night the most successful craft night in Juniper history.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Back! this Wednesday night is our Lucky Dip Craft Night! I know I know I didn't post earlier to tell everyone about it this time. There are a few good reasons for that. 1. We booked out this class weeks ago. 2. I have been really busy. So apologies to those who are just finding out about it now. I promise to be more "with it" for the next one. This looks to be a goody. We have double the space. Can't wait to show you what the crafters do with their packs!*************************

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The new Juniper shop is lovingly dedicated to Pauline Covey aka "Buddy"1928-2008 Beloved Grandmother.

It's been a emotional week my Buddy Grandma (as we called her) passed away at the beginning of the week and was laid to rest the day before yesterday. I have mentioned her on my blog before. She was 90 and lived a fantastic life and has an amazingly loving family. Pauline has a story that must be shared, as for all of us who are parents would see it's remarkable. She was a good loving wife and mother of 5 children. When she was pregnant with her 5th child the devastating event happened that would change her life. My Grandfather was killed walking home from work by an intoxicated driver. He was the love of her life and she never remarried. But she worked hard to provide for her 5 children and loved them all and taught them the morals that helped them bring up all 12 grandchildren with love and dignity. She was always there in the same house in the same town even after everyone moved on and out of state and country she kept a foundation of respect and love for us to all come back to when ever we needed her. She rarely "needed" anything from anyone. She was independent and proud. What she craved and lived for was social interaction and loved correspondence. Letters were so important to her. I love them too. We were pen pals. She wrote Poetry and often submitted to the Poetry Guild. This is a poem that my cousin Gayle found.

Look up and Smile

No one ever saw the rainbow
Who was always looking down.
So look up, and laugh, and reach my friend,
And never wear a frown.
You have a Friend up above
Who is looking down in love.
He doesn't like us to be downhearted and blue,
And he will strengthen us, if we follow through.
So launch out my friend, the harvest is white,
And gather the sheaves, before it is night.

- Pauline Covey

She loved going to Bingo, growing massive tomatoes and more than anything she loved the lord. When I left the church for personal reasons she just prayed for me. She didn't judge. I think she hoped I'd come back eventually. She gave me more than religion ever could. She gave my mother shelter in many storms and that taught me the gift of charity and forgiveness.
Juniper is so much a part of what I learned from her as a child. She made the coolest dish scrubbers in the most amazing colour combinations. And her love of flowers that my mum adopted & skilled herself in the art of floristry and then passed it to me. I try to carry on that tradition of craft and love of community. She told me often she would love to see the shop in person. I wish she could have. I will miss her. My friend and lovely Grandma. my Buddy.

We did it! And just to make it clear how hard we worked...here are some before shots and then the grand opening party.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nearly there! We are working so hard to finish the shop for the big launch party this Saturday. If you haven't heard it's
14 Rintoul Street, Newtown.

I am so proud of it and it's not even finished. Even if no one likes it, I do! I didn't even want to leave it tonight. I just wanted to camp out in the middle of the floor with a sleeping bag and torch to look after it. Yes I love it that much:) see you Saturday.
remember 5:30 not 5:25 :)