Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Look of the blog. What do ya think? I tried so hard to upload a flashy Blog template and it just made my head hurt for 3 hours! so this the best I could do with what limited knowledge I have of the whole building it bit. let me know what you do and don't like as colours and everything look different on others screens so if you are finding it hard to read let me know. Uh! it feels good to have a "new dress" if ya know what I mean. I am so bummed to with Vista I can't do all my flashy altering of pic's in MSWORD with text and saving as a JPG. It doesn't have that function now so I have to learn all about PHOTO SHOP. eeeek! I have been pretending for so long. All you out there probably don't know what I'm on about as you are all up with the times. Bah! Ya not alot progressing around here. Ooh OH OH but I will be having a new arrival tomorrow...NO not a baby! My brand new Janome flash ultra cool sewing machine arrives tomorrow! So excited I can't sleep. Finally I will be able to sew at lightning speed, mend in a single bound.
soft toy by Kelly Joseph


styler said...

oh SOOOO pretty
lovin the new look

sweetwilliam said...

Looking good and seasonal too!