Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Picture from WOW website.
I am so sorry for the lack of blogging but with good reason. You see I have been agonising for years over weather or not to enter the WOW awards. Every year I say I am gonna do it. Every year I chicken out. This year I heard what was to be the theme of the children's section "Bottom of the back garden" Instantly I knew what I would do. I just had this vision. So, before I could change my mind I popped online and read all the info, read all the FAQ's and really just closed my eyes and hit the "enter now" button. For the next month I will work like a dog to finish this garment. MAKE no mistake, I don't want to win, This year I just want to get accepted. To me that will be like winning a million dollars. Please cross fingers and toes that I finish. I will need all the good craft vibes sent my way. For those of you worried that I might have lost my mind running a business and being a mom and running craft nights I say AND doing WOW, "don't you worry about me I will be like a pig in the mud, happy, happy, happy". As I see it Life is so terribly short, and when we are Healthy and able we should fill those minutes of the day doing what we love. (Geeze! who let Tony Robins in the room? sorry) but I think you know what I'm on about. have a super easter/choc fest! more to come.

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