Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what a lovely break we are having! it's been full of picnics, beaches, playing cards, playing Wii and just being silly. Hope yours is wonderful too.

here's my top picks for this holiday...

listening to- Owl City(new release), John Legend/Get lifted (2005 release)

wearing- coco chanel mademoiselle

walking on- cotton on faux haviannahs (I know but something just can't bring me to pay 30 for jandals.)

munching on-Vietnamese spring rolls, southern fried zucchini with buttermilk dressing, calamari and sweet chili. summer food mmmmm....

carrying-new leather tote from Country Road (thanks to stu and the kids) yes it's heavier than my previous bag but beauty is pain:)

covering up with-Max cotton tunic. I love love love it.

writing in-"this is not a BOOK" great journal with games and questions to make you really think about you and everything around you and having fun with journal keeping.

swimming at-Lyall Bay, Wellington. Dog friendly perfect surf and not a lot of people around right now. weather is cracker too.

tell me your top picks. would love to know what ya'll are up to.

We'll be back in the shop from Jan 5th onwards.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

a very merry xmas and a happy new year to you and yours from mindy and family.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New to juniper... "Your Favourite Tee" by Mardle.
Shiana Weir launched the Mardle brand in August 2009 followed by the launch of the label’s inaugural collection in October.
As a Massey graduate with a Bachelor of Design(Hons) (Fashion&Textiles), Shiana has worked in the fields of Marketing, Merchandising and Graphic Design since leaving University.

Your New Favourite Tees are the result of Mardle's design philosophy - to create pieces not just clothes, using a flattering cut, a higher class of fabric and light hearted graphic elements.
Created from Modal, a textile made from spun Beechwood cellulose, the tees have a remarkable level of comfort and wearability. The fabric is much softer and more breathable than pure cotton, is resistant to both shrinkage and fading and is environmentally sound as the process produces a considerably smaller quantity of harmful waste than in the production of cotton.
The tee's combine multiple design features which flatter a woman's figure including:
- The Shaped Hem - getting rid of the nasty horizontal line which cuts women in half- The Scooped Neck - defining any woman's assets- Tailored side seams - allowing the tee to follow a woman's contours- Slightly Longer, Bound Sleeves - for a more graceful finish
As part of Mardle's continuing support of the New Zealand textile manufacturing industry and commitment to a higher quality of product, every stage of the manufacturing process, fabric, construction and printing, is carried out in Aotearoa. Support New Zealand Made Fashion.
Shiana wanted to keep production of the tees as local as possible. The Modal fabric for Your New Favourite Tee is knitted in Levin, the tee itself is manufactured in Porirua and printed in Newtown.
Sam like the singing bird I like the pinwheel, I thinks its a cute nod to Wellington.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New in store this week we have lovely Polli jewellery from Australia. Gorgeous new AQ summer bags, Starfish Summer collection of dresses and Kowtow summer range as well. Hope to see you soon.

Oh oh and heaps and heaps of wee gifts for squirreling away for xmas pressies. Because remember, spreading out your purchases means there's more for you to spend on yourself in that last week of xmas. (wink wink)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

$5? $54? $540? Naaah, How about
$5400! Yep that is what Juniper helped raise for Newtown Plunket with this years Charity Fabric Auction. A very big thank you goes out to all of the fabulous designers & design houses that donated the jaw dropping gorgeous fabric and SO MUCH!
Alexandra Owen,
Alison Blain,
Baby Star, Bridesville, Deborah Sweeny, Duncan Prudence, es design, Fabrics Direct, Fabric Warehouse, Finlay Furniture, Global Fabrics, Inhabit design, NZNY Kids, Robyn Mathieson, The Workroom, Thunderpants, Voon, The Living Room.
also special thanks to Kiwi Diary for a donated Diary, the Sandwich Place for use of thier tables and chairs.
And thank you to everyone who came out to support the event. We had a record turnout. Can't wait till next year.
*Lastly a very special thanks to Diana Potter who worked so tirelessly to bring all the amazing designers together and organised everyone so well. You are a star. xox

Saturday, November 07, 2009

tonight, tonight, it's fabric galore tonight! the first lot of gorgeous fabric has started to arrive and wow! WOW! I am not even allowed to bid till the auction starts. There are some amazing deals and the grab bags ooooooh the grab bags. I am so excited. Hope to see you all here for a great cause. Remember tonight at 7-8 one hour only. come erly to get in line. that's my tip.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

week one-lap top stolen
week two-puppy eats brand new cell phone
week three-insurance looses claim for lap top
week four-claim found then replacement lap top is "misplaced" at lap top store by 14 year old sales assistant.
week five-laptop found & replaced, puppy eats prescription eye glasses next day.

what will next week bring I wonder?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

two days to go...so much fabric, so little time mmmmm....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

YEP! we are doing it again. Calling all you Fabric-holics out there, it's time for the Charity Fabric Auction. Last year we raised nearly $4000 in one hour for Newtown Plunket. So come show your support and get your hands on some gorgeous fabric from the leading designers and interior stores of Wellington. everything from partial bolts to meter pieces, as well as scrap bags for sale.
~SAVE THE DATE~ November 8th.
click on the copy of the poster for details.

Friday, October 02, 2009

juniper gallery presents...

12 bowls

an exhibition of ceramic vessels by Mia Hamilton
15-23 October 2009

Opening Night 7pm- 9pm
15th October

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Check it out!
I was delighted to see the lovely article in the latest Homestyle magazine.
The Pictures of the shop by Erin King are so beautiful but even more meaningful is the wonderful article written by Lucinda Diak. We have had a few articles written before on the shop for various New Zealand Mags and while all or any article is well and truly appreciated this was the best I feel. It really captured what I think is the essence and heart of this shop. Lucinda put into words what most people only really get to expierience whilst visiting. I am forever thankful for having the chance and pleasure to meet these lovely ladies and thank them for thier unsolicited support of what we do at Juniper. But wait there is more...in this issue you will find probably the best selection and gathering of amazing wallpaper and fabric samples that is so accesable and hot right now. Which has come in really handy right now as we are redecorating our townhouse. So run out and get a copy now. Availble from most major newsagents.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RED SALE BASKET everything in it is %50-%75 off.
won't last though so come on get your savin' shoes on:)
see you soon.

AND we have great fabric packs for 2 for $5

/////////NATIVE////////// women's active wear.
The sweat shirt has been a favourite as the arms have such a lovely detail and shape. Also! New this week from Native the light weight "small town" merino scarves are lovely and come in three colour ways. Perfect gift to send over seas available in blue red and green.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Arrived*
Leanne Culy's stunning fabric.
NZ designed and made eco prints and dyes
Hemp cotton blend in some of the most beautiful prints I've seen. If you need to cover a chair, cushion, make a bag, what ever these must be seen.

pm price $140-180
150 wide
and a very thick lush 250gsm-450gsm

We have a limited amount each so be quick!

Feel free to chat to us about making custom cushions for you or covering small furnishings.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Months Lucky Dip Project...was....MILK bottle jewellery.

Whilst pouring a milo for my kids the other week I looked at the sun streaming through the window and how the light lit the milk bottle. Then a light bulb moment happened. Jewelery! Pretty white jewelry. so here is what this months lucky dippers made with this idea. I was so impressed with where they took the design too. All of them so unique and beautiful.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Fine farewell for a fine lady. We farewell'd Katie Mathieson this Friday. It was a surprise of course. She would have never agreed to it if we'd told her. Thank you to all who came out to say goodbye-Pete, Prudence, amanda, Tessa, Gracie, Stu, Ethan, Gretta, Tomoko,Aaron,Mere, Ruby, Sam, Gabe, Indu, Asha, Bati, Jay, Odetteand of course Poppy:) to her and wish her all the best in her new Nutritional Consulting job. She is so passionate about combating obesity and diabetees and we know she's gonna a make a big difference in many peoples lives. She certainly has in mine and many others through working for me at juniper. I will miss her company, smile and the way she supported me. Here are the pics of the night. Note that a major turnout of 4-8 year olds as Katie has got a huge following with kids. We danced from 5:30-10pm no joke! The kids wanted Michael Jackson greatest hits and that just made the night.

Monday, August 31, 2009

the newest member of the juniper team. She's an 8 month old jack russel wire haired terrier. She's so so sweet and loves everyone.
So come in for a visit. she LOOOOVES the attention:)

Success! We did it! we found the DOG of our dreams. She (to be announced shortly) but judging by the kids faces in these pics she's all we wanted and more.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Feeling Crafty

While looking for our newest family member (the search goes on) I stumbled on this cute little campaign. You may already know about it, I however didn't and wish I could knit:(

The SPCA would love you to knit or crochet jumpers to keep the SPCA's smallest puppies warm this winter.

Knitting patterns are available for the less-experienced and the expert knitter. They also have a crochet pattern available. Feel free to use up old scraps of wool to make the jumpers, the puppies do not mind which colours you use!

They always need new jumpers as the puppies wear them out playing and chasing each other. When they find they have too many jumpers to use, they pass them on to other puppies at SPCAs around New Zealand.

So go on, get the needles clickn' for the pups!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here are the pics of Lucky Dip Craft night projects finally. We made a lovely kete purse from recyled kete and vintage linens most of which were my grandmas (don't worry I still have trillions) and the delicate paper mobiles. I seemed to have camera issues but here you are minus the picture massive record group we had. Thanks to everyone who came out. Your creations were all so lovely and unique. And a big shout out to the editors and stylist of Homestyle magazine who came to sample our fun nights for an upcoming issue so keep a look out. Can't wait till next meet up as we have some wicked projects planned. IN STORE NEWS -Lovely new jewelry from Georgina baker in store now. I came back to a shop brimming with lovely goodies that had been received while I was away. ALSO the new first pieces of Starfish spring/summer collection are in store. The "great garden frock" is a red silk dress that should come with a disclaimer..."WARNING, this dress is too flirty for anyone who does not drink the occasional mohito and wink at handsome men" It has inspired my window display this week which took me 4 hours to do. If you see it you will understand:) Also new to the shop are the skeleton key collection of jewelry I did while in Michigan. I had such luck when sifting around in my mothers basement found a case full of old keys. we're talkin 'OoooLD keys. I skreetched and ask her if could have them she looked at me bizarrely and said "sure". Then like a bat out of hell I raced off to the bead shop and got supplies. The pieces are on show now and hopefully you can catch a peek before they are all gone.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Family fun in Lansing Michigan! I am sorry for not blogging this last month. Ya see I took my dear kids to see their family in Michigan. It's summer there and the perfect time for all sorts of silly fun stuff. The blueberries you see were picked by Gretta. She and two other wee kids picked 27 pounds of then in half an hour. Ethan grew gills from swimming so much and Gretta loved the horses and trail rides. We went to a baseball game, swam at the lake, chased squirrels, ate heaps of really bad food and good food that was really bad for you. The kids had a blast but nothing takes the place of New Zealand and we are all so glad to be home.
*Recomended shopping if ever in the Michgan area. October Moon, Grace and Scavenger Hunt all in Old Town Michigan were lovely shops and were delightful shop owners.

So it's back to work for me this week. Katie has been sent away for a well deserved rest with her family. Lucky dip craft night was a massive success as always and hopefully I will have some lovely pics this week to share.