Monday, May 23, 2011

Well it's not the big reveal. It still needs a bit of pictures to go up and light fixture to be hung but the hard work is evident. 4 months has taken us from hard dark heavy wood to light bright fresh. The colour is Resene Gull Grey. If i may give any advice when DIY painting it's to DO THE PREP. Dust, clean, strip, SAND. clean again, undercoat, and tape. It will be worth it in the end. It takes forever AND it's not as fun as cracking a paint tin open and splashing on a coat. But it will wear well and look professional. I always try to cut a corner hear and there but there is my husband a arms length away with a look of disappointment (LOL) so i sheepishly go back to following protocol. Thank's Stu. Now on to the 6 other rooms. so that will mean we will finish in say...2013

Thursday, May 19, 2011

HANDMADE have put together an outstanding programme with more than 159 activities to choose from!
HANDMADE 2011 will be held over Queen’s Birthday weekend, June 4 – 6 2011.
The HANDMADE workshop programme will keep your hands busy throughout the day with breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea to give you an opportunity to enjoy the food and coffee of popular Wellington caf├ęs. Or you might like to attend a masterclass, a HANDMADE Tour, attend a session in our Lecture Series or attend a full day workshop during your HANDMADE weekend.

And LOOK whos' going to be there...

MASTERCLASS: TEXTILE JEWELLERY (Wearable Handmade Accessories)Mindy Dalzell
05/06/2011, 1:30pm-3.15pm
Be inspired! Turn your smallest scraps for fabric and thread into an amazing work of chic jewelery that looks fabulous enough to frame.Mindy Dalzell of Wellington is best known as the woman behind Juniper Flowers and Handcraft Gallery in Newtown. American born, Mindy is a florist & handcraft artist who opened the store in 2006 with hopes of having a place to encourage local artists to launch their ideas.

AND many other amazing peeps teaching and talking about the awesomeness that is handcraft.


LUCKY DIP CRAFT NITE PROJECT was soooooooo much fun. The group was so amazing and fun. We made embroidered bird fabric pendants. Everyone did a fantastic job. even the beginners were so fierce with their independent style and i loved each one for its uniqueness.

Thanks ladies for never making this feel like work.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This weeks theme is "SNAIL MAIL"

yep god old fashioned cards and letters in the post.

There is nothing quite like it. when i get a letter or card i squeal!

It's much better than a facebook message or email and don't even get me started on txting.

I love that we are in an instant age but something that took time to pick out time to pen and time to send is so thoughtful and so treasured. I still write my grandfather and he me. I love getting cards from my mum. She is so sweet with her sentiments. My tip: get a shoe box and decorate it up. fill it with cards and stamps and pen and your favourite addresses. then on your next rainy day, sit down with a cup of tea and "work on your correspondence" as they used to say. it is indeed good for the soul.

Juniper has an amazing selection of what i think are the best cards you can buy. Today till Sunday may 15th all cards are buy 2 get 1 free!!! there, now you can fill that box we discussed :)