Sunday, December 07, 2008

Good food, good music, good laughs were had by all. So lovely to see everyone who came and for all those who may have missed it so sorry. Thank you to Maz for providing the smooth tunes. here's the pics...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Our XMAS PARTY for customers and community friends this Sunday Dec 7th at 6:30-8:30!
it's always been the highlight of the year, so please if you're not busy drop by. We have some live music planned, food, and DISCOUNTS!!! which lets face it ain't never bad.

xox mindy

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Okay, New skirts and bags by FABULOUS label Sewcherry! (my label) te he he

skirt $110
bag $65

all limited editions so they wont last long.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's HERE!!! Really really truely here!

We have in store select colour ways of Amy Butler's "August Fields" and "Daisy Chain" fabric for purchase by the meter & mixed packs.

Monday, November 10, 2008

NEW this week!!!
textile designer and lifestyle godess,

Amy Butler
Patterns and Project Books!

And soon,"like this week" we'll have her fabric.
Watch this space......................................*

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Eight years ago I awoke at 5:30 am to my husband telling me the "Sweetheart the towers are gone, they say it was a plane" how I got dressed that day or fed Gretta (then only a year old) did anything was a blur. What I do remember vividly was the pain and anguish of watching a mass murder and despair of my home nation unfolding in front of me on a television. I held Gretta tight and wept so much I broke blood vessles in my face.

From that day forward I watched day after day, year after year as my leaders slowly deconstructed our prized integrity and I was powerless to stop it. literally.

Eight years later, If there can be an exact opposite to that day, that emotion, an opposite to that reaction, last night was it. At 5:15pm NZ time on my laptop at the shop it was declared. President Elect Barack Obama was the next president of my "newly" United States of America. I was electrified with joy. I quickly grabbed my keys and purse and locked the shop up. I screamed as I turned to the random person crossing the pavement behind me " He did it! He won!!!"

the man pushing the pram said "who?"

" Obama!!" I said, He said "Really?, COOL! "

then I was off, I was on a mission to find someone to hug. (My appologies to the lovely Indian beautian next door to my shop, she handled it so well) I grabbed her and her sister and bear hugged them, while crying to my sister on the cell phone " It's real, HE did it, He's in!" I ran, RAN to my kids at after school care, I spotted them playing together on the monkey bars, I scream then broke into tears " OBAMA WON" As they jumped up and down and yipped and hugged me like we'd won lottery I realised then in that moment something...

The world and history has shown us that there will be more epic good and bad things to happen during our life and after we are gone. The lesson that I have learnt is to make myself a person of action and/or empathy in such times. To raise my children to proudly speak out. And to CELEBRATE in good times. Because life is hard and when Promise and Hope is restored there is no better feeling. Nothing compares to it!

PS> Sorry to anyone who had to hear OBAMA's acceptance speach replayed on YOU tube in the shop today. I am simply celebrating. Bare with me it will only last 4 years:)

Love to ALL!


Saturday, November 01, 2008

The season is upon us when we frantically make those lists for gift giving. Have no fear we have thought of everything from how you can decorate for the season to what to buy for everyone in the family and close circle of friends. Keep visiting the blog for out little gift ideas. Or come in and have a chat.
pssst... we do laybuy too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Juniper Fabric auction for NEWTOWN PLUNKET
was a massive hit! So successful that all of us were left scratching our heads in amazement as in just an hour and a half we sold and auctioned of 175 pieces of designer fabric and over a hundred grab bags. Everyone was in the spirit and with ANZ pen in one hand glass of Fairmont Estate wine in the other hand and smiles on faces they bid generously on fabric from Deb Sweeny, Robyn Matheison, Fabric Warehouse, Alison Blaine, Inhabit design, Global Fabrics, Duncan & Prudence, Bridesville, NZNY KIDS. We are still awaiting the final numbers but there is talk of $4000-$5000 was raised in that hour and a half. Seriously, My heart is full. To see so many people doing so much good for a service that is seriously underfunded is tremendous for the community. These dedicated Mums, Dads and nurses were moved to tears. Thank you to everyone who made a serious difference.

A special thanks if I can to my girl Gretta (who's turning 8 this Friday) a Plunket baby herself at one time she stayed with me late nights for set up, moved furniture, made signs, swept floors, and helped Prudence as wait staff and missed dinner. She was happy to help and I was so proud .What a lovely young lady you are growing into. hugs mum xox

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fine silver jewellery by local jeweller Odette Andscombe-Smith.
pohutakawa series new in today. Lovely Katie is our model today. oh la la.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can I tell you how excited I am? I am sooo excited to be hosting a fundraiser for Newtown Plunket. It's a fabric auction! Click on the poster image for details... We hope if you LOVE fabric or if you love Plunket that you'll come out on the night and support us as
ALL PROCEEDS of the auction go to Newtown Plunket.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lara Cameron
Designer Textile "Mixed Packs" are in store NOW!
3 pieces 35cmx45cm of hand screened cotton/linen or linen/hemp fabric. printed with enviro inks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Summer Sewcherry handbags are rolling off the sewing machine everyday. This one I finished just as Sam was leaving and I forced (sorry Sam) her to model it. My Summer range of bags are probably my best work yet. I am so happy how they are being received and how they are looking. It's taken a while but I think I've cracked it!

New Nova handbag $62

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This months Lucky Dip Project...

Faux Orchid plant

This living wee little gem will last 4 days-week and has all the charm of a plant but uses only one clipping. Everyone's turned out lovely.

Many thanks to everyone who was so understanding of why we had only one project this month. You see I had a very silly accident with my back and after a trip to the physio could move very little as I was taped up quite tightly. So one project was all I could manage.

But as always the class was full of laughs and smiles.

There are 8 spaces available for October 22nd class. be in quick.
We had wanted to do two that month but due to labour weekend and another event there will be no second class.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

NEW to the shop this week !

Saturday the lovely rep for Electra Bikes Felicity brought us our demo bike and instantly I fell in LOVE. She even has a name "Cherry Baby".
I have a confession to make, I have not rode a bike in over 10 years. Seriously. But before you boo and throw fruit I recently (today) took my new Electra "Deluxe" (pictured) for a ride to Island Bay today. I was stopped twice by admirers and tooted at twice (no not because I was going to slow or because I look good in my helmet) the motorists gave me a thumbs up in approval on my sweet ride. If your are gonna be eco and ride a bike why not have fun, look cool, and feel sort of like a big kid?
Come in and take a spin on our demo bike. Then choose from any of the bikes available for order.

Electra bikes from of California.
Custom assembled locally.

$750 fully assembled. taking orders now
other models available

Hawaii mint ,Deluxe red ,Sparker ,20'' rat rod ,20'' hawaii, 20'' betty, 20'' townie ,20'' rockabilly

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fathers Day! Dad will love our choice selection of goodies. Kick ass Goorin hats, Seam pillows, Leather trim travel bags by Goorin Brothers and much more.

We are open Sunday too.

See ya soon.

Bison Wear.
Perfect, durable and so lovely. I have a set of the white tea cups that suprisingly get used for ice cream sundaes more than tea...

We have a huge colour range. come see.
so lovely.

Monday, August 25, 2008

And Here they are (finally) the pics from Lucky dip jewelry night. The first class (Wednesday night) had...

A: galvanized bolt and waxed thread necklaces.

B: eyelet felt beads on ball chain

C: Photo or Fabric Brooch with chain accent

The second class (Sunday) had...

A: galvanized bolt and waxed thread necklaces.

B: Felt stack earrings

C: Bolt and tiger tail earrings