Thursday, February 26, 2009

the winner of the poll/prize draw is...
KELLYjust email me your postal address and I'll get your pattern off to you.

thanks Kelly & Everyone who participated in the poll.
your comments were all so helpful. Stay tunned those kits are
being made as we speak.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lucky Dip Craft Project Poll and prize draw.

It occurred to me late in the night that I have amassed a back catalog of projects from the first year of Lucky Dip Craft nights. With all these projects to share and so many whom have missed out I thought it might be cool to offer the projects as kits for sale the following month. There are other reasons for this. Besides the "I missed that month" factor there is the occurrence now and then when a project was really popular with the group and people like to buy them for others whom craft OR you just don't live in the Wellington area. My question is this...
Is it a good idea and would you (being a blog reader or craft night attender) ever buy affordable project kits in the $8-$10 range?

So YES or NO?

post your view here and I'll tally up and make a decision everyone who takes the poll goes in to the draw for An Amy Butler Pattern! value $40

Cheers everybody!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lovely Samantha
in a sewcherry A line skirt in yellow and grey.
She could be wearing a sleeping bag and it would look good. Poor thing wasn't even wroking this day but hey when fashion calls...

Fun in the shop!
Yesterday as all the tunics were finished (thanks to a massive team effort including the mysterious Damelza who makes all the apparel I design shine. I am a handbag designer by strength. I can make a prototype for a piece of apparel but making in volume is something for the truely skilled.
Katie was So funny when we opened the parcel she ripped off her top (thankfully exposing a cami underneath as she was on the shop floor. phew!) and slipped into her new tunic which she chose the fabric herself. Might I say she looks AMAZING. She made me swear not to take a picture of her face. For someone who has been acting in commercials and stage she can be so shy.

Then she turnned her excitement onto me and forced me to pick one as I always seem to get last pick. And I have to admit it was fun playing model.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's ALIVE!!!
I always feel a bit like Dr. Frankenstien when I make the first prototype of something. And especially when it turns out. I am overcome with excitement and disbelief that it actually looks like I planned.

So here is the sneak peak at the new Sewcherry All Season Tunic. Available in 2 sizes s/m and l/xl
They look so lovely and with the belt up high or on the waist you can customise it to look just how you like. $110 and availble from this Friday in store.

Monday, February 09, 2009

{Valentine's Day Price list} for Saturday, Febraury 14th
Dozen roses beautifully boxed & delivered Red or Pink $120 Mixed colours $105
Half dozen roses
beautifully boxed & delivered Red or Pink $60 Mixed $55
Juniper Bunch Gorgeous tonal mix of fresh flowers beautifully wrapped & delivered $55 Single rose beautifully boxed & delivered Red or Pink $20 Other $18
Visa & Mastercard accepted. Delivery to all major suburbs and CBD. Friendly Service. Exquisite Flowers. Phone 04 389 4058

Friday, February 06, 2009

The other day, before the new school term started, I stayed home and had a lovely day with the kids. At the end of the day we went on a lovely bike ride and play at the park. We decided to get some ice creams on our way home and stop off at the shop for a visit with Katie. I decided to check my emails... I know now that was not the thing to do as I can never just "check" my emails I end up responding to them and looking up stuff and 5 minutes turns into 15. While doing this Gretta was chatting with Katie but Ethan my 5 year old waiting for me outside the shop under the bikes. I went outside and said "you alright buddy? would you like to come in and wait? I will just be a wee bit longer." to which he said, " Nah, I'll just guard the bikes Mum".
So here's my new years resolution (bit late) I promise to actually not come in on my day off. And I'd like to say Thanks Ethan, you're a trooper.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Closed this Friday due to Waitangi Day. But OPEN Saturday and Sunday so you can buy the amazing new patterns from Amy Butler!!! So lovely. A whole new stash of new fabrics that Katie & I areso in love with I have cut a meter of each for myself...sorry but can't resist. see ya Saturday.