Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stuart and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this Friday. It was a day like any other. We are actually saving for a trip to the states to visit family. But a dozen roses and dinner at our local favorite eatery Manon with the kids, home in time for American idol (our guilty pleasure) was a pretty terrific day in my book.
I can't say that my life is any better if I'd planned it. Actually I have to laugh because I did plan my life when I was 14 on paper as you do and it was so funny. I was such a "realist". I was going to be living in Paris studying fine art, living in a small apartment with bakery downstairs. No lie! I had planned that I wasn't going to have kids because I thought I'd be a terrible mother. Too grumpy.
Today I am living in New Zealand (Duh) didn't study art like I'd wanted but with two kids, husband and a handcraft gallery & florist across the street from a bakery named "Simply Paris"! sooooo I was very close with my "premonition". well sort of. And the "terrible mum" thing. Well look at those faces in the picture, yah I am such a meanie! I am the bad cop in parenting but most days they can weasel their way with a smile and a hug. so here's to many many more years of NOT living up to my 14 year old potential. I love underachieving, the rewards are pretty cool.

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