Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This week I will...

Eat a balanced meal.
Hug my kids 10 seconds longer, each.
Breath deep.
Drink water.

Working on my garment 13 hours a day for the last week has taken it's toll. So next week I will try to take it a bit easy on myself.

Recently I did a wedding flowers for a lovely couple whom got married up at the very amazing old property/manor called Erskin in Island Bay. The colour palette was rust and red with hints of gold and woodland was the feel we were going for because the big hall overlooked a wooded area. The couple were so lovely and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to seeing the proper photos when they come out. Until then have a look at my pics, sorry for the bad light.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lucky Dip Craft Night !!! Here's what we made this month! *hot water bottle monster
*tin can pin cushion
s these are inspired by smaller cat food size ones from a great blog called design sponge. *gilded paper weights with quick dry, rub on silver wax.
Thank you to everyone who came this month and had a blast. This month we did a little differently as we are trying not only keep the cost down but we are trying to be eco friendly so we no longer wrap the materials in parcels. Your directions are given to you in a wee envelope and then you go to that station. We had some good feed back too, some people would like to do the eco friendly way but try to use the same materials so it's one big station that everyone uses and you can still sit with your group or friend you came with. I think that sounds great and we will certainly try to make june's projects from the same materials. Keep that feedback coming as we always would like to improve. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

7 years ago I found a beautiful greeting card company Egg Press. They were then featured in a Martha Stewart Baby magazine for their lovely baby announcements. It was the color pallet, the thick pressed paper, simple tasteful illustrations that made me notice them and remember them. I knew when I started my shop I'd carry their work. Egg Press of Seattle is celebrating their 10th anniversary. You must see this video made to show the process. It's enough to make you want to buy a print press tomorrow! Everyone at the company is dedicated and puts huge effort in every little card. I am so proud to sell them here in New Zealand. Thanks Egg Press you continue to suprise and inspire us here at juniper. So raise your cups. To Egg Press! Happy 10th guys!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Voi leather handbags of Germany. everything from laptop bags to wallets. this is robust leather that has all the quality you expect of European design. definately worth coming in to see. Katie is in LOVE with the chocolate A4 satchel. The olive and aubergine laptop bag is to die for but my Favorite is the "Weekender" Soild leather carry on that is so so beautiful.
Bison Stoneware Milk bottles of Australia.
Four lovely colours 3 cute sizes. perfect for Mothers Day! wee one is perfect for single servings of tea or porridge milk or caramel sauce pourer. Medium size great for table syrup or shared milk pour. Large is just right for Saki, serving gravy, or vase. these are just could use them anyway for anything. We love them!

Monday, May 04, 2009

WOW update...making real progress now. Started the 2nd of 4 stages/parts of the garment. All's well so far. It's so funny how looking at my very ambitious drawings how I have made tiny changes along the way but am still managing to be true to the story of the garment. I don't for a second think it's going to be easy, it hasn't, but I am so happy with my work for my skill level and feel as if at the end of the day even if it's not accepted I tried in the face of everything. Time is so precious. I have tried so far not to give any of the time with which I would spend with the children. Choosing to work on it at night or early in the mornings has suited me and them. My daughter Gretta who is my muse had the first fitting in the weekend and it fits like a glove. she said it was comfortable and she thought it was looking "really cool Mum" I was bit chuffed about that. Sadly she was just shy of the age to be a model for the show or she would tried out. there's always next year.
Have a great week.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lucky Dip Craft Night

scheduled dates
May 20th fully booked
June 17th
fully booked
July (away on holiday)
Aug 19th taking sign ups now

cost is $12 per person all materials provided.
You won't know what you'll be making till you open up your package. So nooooo asking us to give you hints. Our lips are sealed.
We ask that you please call if you can not make your booking. There are always heaps of people on the waiting list so do your fellow crafter a favor and give them your spot. Just think what would Nana do? And it's looking like I'll be away for July so no class for that date. Thanks so much have a great week!