Monday, June 29, 2009

New Lovely additions to the shop this week. Brooches and pendants by Davina Ewing.
I love the charming mix of hand stamped vintage papers and the most perfect resin work you'll find. Made in Island Bay, affordable too. pendants only $40

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes a parcel arrives and once opened I really have to stop and think "can I part with these?" I pose that question every time I get a piece of Georgina Baker's lovely jewelery in. This last lot is no exception. I want everything! Just when I think "wow she really topped the last lot" She turns in on it's head and floors me with new designs and re vamped versions of her stunning work. They are always one-offs. I appreciate her hard work and attention to detail but more than anything it's the little stories she tells with each piece. Affordably priced too. The antique clusters (pictured in middle) will only set you back $80 NZD.
Amazing value for a Silver piece with so much work.
two wheels FOR SALE...
So so sad to announce the sale of my beloved bike. It's not even a year old. sniff sniff. Trouble is with the kids bikes, our car and the tiniest garage in the world We have agreed that there is no room for my "Cherry Baby" as I call her. If anyone would like to give her a good home. I am asking $300 they sell for over $700nzd so it's a good deal. It's a red Deluxe by Electra of California. If you can give her a good home please call me during shop hours 04 389 4058. I will be all to happy to arrange a test drive.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lovely day we had today. (here in wellywood) Warmer weather than the 3 degree days of before. I think it was like 12 or 14c today. I had a wee shift around in the shop, nothing major just creating a more definite office area for the shop so that there is a clear idea of where the shop ends and the creative space begins, Like I'm Willy Wonka or something. I wish! I found things I'd totally forgot where they were and I found things i never knew I had so it's been pretty cool. I highly recommend a winter clean. Still a bit to go but all is well. I had an idea!!!
This Saturday I'm having a TAG sale. I will have heaps of craft supplies for sale. there will be material, felt, paints, brushes, old books, you name it. Pass it on to anyone you think might care. I am also marking down all remaining Amy Butler fabric to make way for the masses I'm buying and bringing back from the states!!! So tell a few of your mates. We'll have Complimentary cups of Shott CHAI. See you there my lovelies.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dear Friends,
I am writing you in regards to the proposed Funding cut to the Adult Education (aka Night Classes) at Wellington High School or ACE.
This much needed & respected organization needs little or no introduction as they (ACE) have been an integral staple in Wellington's educational diet for many years.
John Key and the National government sadly have misinformed and misguided plans to cut Adult Education completely from the budget. I was alarmed at the news, as are you I'm sure. This has huge implications for our community. What they do not see is what these workshops bring to our community. What they foster. What they ignite in those who take them. I understand it can be a simple decision to axe a program when you THINK it's only "HOBBY" classes effected, but we need to inform our government what these night classes mean to us .
You and I know that night classes are a low cost, highly accessible form of additional education for all New Zealanders and New Zealand Residents. It is also a SOURCE of great inspiration for private industry and small business. A person can work a full time job, provide for a family AND try their hand at a creative course that inspires them to go onto higher education and excel in an area they never knew they could.
Many of us know someone who has been empowered by these courses. Some of you, if not all of you have taken a class over the years that has changed you, inspired you or even is the reason you went onto further your education or just simply help you gain confidence. Here at Juniper I can tell you that over the three years in business I can attribute thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars from goods that we have sold in our store made by attendees of night classes. It is OUR local economy directly effected when these programs get cut. Not to mention the approx 2000 jobs that will be effected by this decision nationwide.
So here is how you can help. You can, even if it's one sentence, email me and tell me how you or someone you know has been changed or helped by Wellington Adult education night classes. I will forward them onto ACE so that they may compile our reactions to help them with their cause.
I have promised to help anyway I could, I so hope you will too. I know you are busy and I know times are hard but we have to stand up and say "you can't take this away from us!"
It's our kids, our mums, our Dads, our Gran's and Grandad's effected by this.
If we sit and do nothing we and our community will suffer and once it's gone, it's gone and we will not be able to get this back.
Please pass this on to anyone you know who has ever taken a class or who you think can help.
Please note, I am not politically motivated. I actually would like to see this government make a sound and right decision I as a NZ'r can be really proud of, I just think they DON'T have the all the facts on this issue. Let's give them the facts, maybe we can change their minds. I hope so.
Thank you so much.
Your Friend,
Mindy Dalzell
you can email me at: m s g d a l z e l l @ x t r a . c o . n z

(this is a recent email I sent to all my friends I hope that you will copy paste it and send it to ANYONE who may need to know. We need your help.)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

WOW update. I finished it! I sent it away! They have it! I won't hear if I got in the show till end of July. But I kind of feel like I accomplished a big thing by getting it turned in. Ahhhhh what a relief. Even if it dosn't make through judging it was a huge learning and growth experience as an artist. I am just so proud to have against all odds got this done. I cant show a picture's against the rules to show it off before judging BUT here is a teaser...