Friday, August 28, 2009

Feeling Crafty

While looking for our newest family member (the search goes on) I stumbled on this cute little campaign. You may already know about it, I however didn't and wish I could knit:(

The SPCA would love you to knit or crochet jumpers to keep the SPCA's smallest puppies warm this winter.

Knitting patterns are available for the less-experienced and the expert knitter. They also have a crochet pattern available. Feel free to use up old scraps of wool to make the jumpers, the puppies do not mind which colours you use!

They always need new jumpers as the puppies wear them out playing and chasing each other. When they find they have too many jumpers to use, they pass them on to other puppies at SPCAs around New Zealand.

So go on, get the needles clickn' for the pups!

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