Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Fine farewell for a fine lady. We farewell'd Katie Mathieson this Friday. It was a surprise of course. She would have never agreed to it if we'd told her. Thank you to all who came out to say goodbye-Pete, Prudence, amanda, Tessa, Gracie, Stu, Ethan, Gretta, Tomoko,Aaron,Mere, Ruby, Sam, Gabe, Indu, Asha, Bati, Jay, Odetteand of course Poppy:) to her and wish her all the best in her new Nutritional Consulting job. She is so passionate about combating obesity and diabetees and we know she's gonna a make a big difference in many peoples lives. She certainly has in mine and many others through working for me at juniper. I will miss her company, smile and the way she supported me. Here are the pics of the night. Note that a major turnout of 4-8 year olds as Katie has got a huge following with kids. We danced from 5:30-10pm no joke! The kids wanted Michael Jackson greatest hits and that just made the night.


kowhaileaves said...

Beautiful Katie! Isis and I will miss her on our daily chocolate visit xxxx Kathy

Paula said...

Oh - I am so sorry to have missed out on all this fun!