Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what a lovely break we are having! it's been full of picnics, beaches, playing cards, playing Wii and just being silly. Hope yours is wonderful too.

here's my top picks for this holiday...

listening to- Owl City(new release), John Legend/Get lifted (2005 release)

wearing- coco chanel mademoiselle

walking on- cotton on faux haviannahs (I know but something just can't bring me to pay 30 for jandals.)

munching on-Vietnamese spring rolls, southern fried zucchini with buttermilk dressing, calamari and sweet chili. summer food mmmmm....

carrying-new leather tote from Country Road (thanks to stu and the kids) yes it's heavier than my previous bag but beauty is pain:)

covering up with-Max cotton tunic. I love love love it.

writing in-"this is not a BOOK" great journal with games and questions to make you really think about you and everything around you and having fun with journal keeping.

swimming at-Lyall Bay, Wellington. Dog friendly perfect surf and not a lot of people around right now. weather is cracker too.

tell me your top picks. would love to know what ya'll are up to.

We'll be back in the shop from Jan 5th onwards.

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