Monday, March 12, 2012

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my friend and resident Newtown textile artist Lyn Wards. Her works are so intricate and the colours so beautiful that even the jars of offcuts are a work all themselves. She says she does not know what she keeps them for but i know she'll have that "AH HA!" moment and run into the shop and present me with something amazing because that is what she does. Everywhere I look in her humble little space there are treasures and trinkets from long ago. She's like a magpie but she brings home nothing that she does not love. I sat with her for a wee while this afternoon and chatted while she very calmly worked away on her newest pieces. They are my favourite so far. She's so chilled out but her hands work with the wool so incredibly fast. Thanks Lyn for sharing with me your space and stories. If you'd like to see Lyn's work pop in anytime. She might even be there hanging out:)

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