Friday, March 23, 2012

Here is your Free Project for the weekend! My cupcake paper birds. fun to do with the kids.
on another note...

There's some exciting things happening around juniper. And for the next few weeks you'll probably see the shop evolving. Slow and steady wins the race though. And nooooooo i can't tell you what's happening. you just have to be patient;) Nothing will change with juniper but we are carving out a little space for something very special for all of you juniper lovers. It will be worth the wait. Whilst making room, I've been uncovering a few things in the process. In the stockroom is a late 70's early 80's Elna over locker with manual that i forgot i had. It's for sale $100. It was serviced two years ago and never used after that. Just pop in the shop to have a look. Well that's all from me today Kiddies. Have a great weekend. xox


Michelle said...

Oh love the bird idea, Thank you :-)
Exciting stuff happening huh... Can't wait!

Mindy@Juniper said...

Thanks Michelle! hope you enjoy making the birdies. I can't wait to reveal our little addition. x