Monday, May 23, 2011

Well it's not the big reveal. It still needs a bit of pictures to go up and light fixture to be hung but the hard work is evident. 4 months has taken us from hard dark heavy wood to light bright fresh. The colour is Resene Gull Grey. If i may give any advice when DIY painting it's to DO THE PREP. Dust, clean, strip, SAND. clean again, undercoat, and tape. It will be worth it in the end. It takes forever AND it's not as fun as cracking a paint tin open and splashing on a coat. But it will wear well and look professional. I always try to cut a corner hear and there but there is my husband a arms length away with a look of disappointment (LOL) so i sheepishly go back to following protocol. Thank's Stu. Now on to the 6 other rooms. so that will mean we will finish in say...2013


martha brown said...

It looks wonderful!

Joan said...

Hi Mindy,
I'm loving your blog and what you're doing in your gallery. How did Handmade go? Love to see some photos. Do you have email. I'd be keen to contact you.