Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This weeks theme is "SNAIL MAIL"

yep god old fashioned cards and letters in the post.

There is nothing quite like it. when i get a letter or card i squeal!

It's much better than a facebook message or email and don't even get me started on txting.

I love that we are in an instant age but something that took time to pick out time to pen and time to send is so thoughtful and so treasured. I still write my grandfather and he me. I love getting cards from my mum. She is so sweet with her sentiments. My tip: get a shoe box and decorate it up. fill it with cards and stamps and pen and your favourite addresses. then on your next rainy day, sit down with a cup of tea and "work on your correspondence" as they used to say. it is indeed good for the soul.

Juniper has an amazing selection of what i think are the best cards you can buy. Today till Sunday may 15th all cards are buy 2 get 1 free!!! there, now you can fill that box we discussed :)

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