Sunday, May 02, 2010

She is not perfect.
she can be irritable. Of course leaving a mess on the floor is not exactly the best way to show her you care.
She can embarrass you with tales of your youth in front of a not so close friend.
She has a super ability to ask about the one thing you actually don't want to talk about.
She has a hundred ways of driving you crazy. however...
For some lucky people that woman is kind and gentle when you are a broken winged bird.
She can keep a secret and locked away. That thing you wish no one would know to protect you from harm.
She has a million ways of being proud of you. Even for stuff that is kind of dorky. (ehemm...singing the national anthem for a high school wrestling tournament, shame!)
There is an affection for this woman that, now I'm a mother, is stronger than ever. It's a terrible pain in me when I miss her. (even when she can be a "terrible pain"...even when I'm a "terrible pain":) I was very fortunate to spend 5 days recently with my mum, whom came for a visit. It had been nearly a year since our last. Take it from me, Please take this special day Sunday May 9th to remind her of all the ways she is special and different, kind and generous. She needs to hear it. And to all you Mums out there I hope you get treated to something very special, even if it's a hug and a cuppa tea.
*the above picture was taken of five generations of women in my family. Shorty there after the eldest, my grandmother passed away. She had celebrated her 90th birthday and was very loved. we miss her and hope to live our lives in her honour.

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garcia.mari said...

That is a gorgeous photo!