Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lovely day we had today. (here in wellywood) Warmer weather than the 3 degree days of before. I think it was like 12 or 14c today. I had a wee shift around in the shop, nothing major just creating a more definite office area for the shop so that there is a clear idea of where the shop ends and the creative space begins, Like I'm Willy Wonka or something. I wish! I found things I'd totally forgot where they were and I found things i never knew I had so it's been pretty cool. I highly recommend a winter clean. Still a bit to go but all is well. I had an idea!!!
This Saturday I'm having a TAG sale. I will have heaps of craft supplies for sale. there will be material, felt, paints, brushes, old books, you name it. Pass it on to anyone you think might care. I am also marking down all remaining Amy Butler fabric to make way for the masses I'm buying and bringing back from the states!!! So tell a few of your mates. We'll have Complimentary cups of Shott CHAI. See you there my lovelies.

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