Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lucky Dip Craft Night !!! Here's what we made this month! *hot water bottle monster
*tin can pin cushion
s these are inspired by smaller cat food size ones from a great blog called design sponge. *gilded paper weights with quick dry, rub on silver wax.
Thank you to everyone who came this month and had a blast. This month we did a little differently as we are trying not only keep the cost down but we are trying to be eco friendly so we no longer wrap the materials in parcels. Your directions are given to you in a wee envelope and then you go to that station. We had some good feed back too, some people would like to do the eco friendly way but try to use the same materials so it's one big station that everyone uses and you can still sit with your group or friend you came with. I think that sounds great and we will certainly try to make june's projects from the same materials. Keep that feedback coming as we always would like to improve. Have a great weekend!

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