Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun in the shop!
Yesterday as all the tunics were finished (thanks to a massive team effort including the mysterious Damelza who makes all the apparel I design shine. I am a handbag designer by strength. I can make a prototype for a piece of apparel but making in volume is something for the truely skilled.
Katie was So funny when we opened the parcel she ripped off her top (thankfully exposing a cami underneath as she was on the shop floor. phew!) and slipped into her new tunic which she chose the fabric herself. Might I say she looks AMAZING. She made me swear not to take a picture of her face. For someone who has been acting in commercials and stage she can be so shy.

Then she turnned her excitement onto me and forced me to pick one as I always seem to get last pick. And I have to admit it was fun playing model.

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Mysterious D said...

Wow, so pretty!!!
Glad I could help
:o) xo