Monday, October 20, 2008

The Juniper Fabric auction for NEWTOWN PLUNKET
was a massive hit! So successful that all of us were left scratching our heads in amazement as in just an hour and a half we sold and auctioned of 175 pieces of designer fabric and over a hundred grab bags. Everyone was in the spirit and with ANZ pen in one hand glass of Fairmont Estate wine in the other hand and smiles on faces they bid generously on fabric from Deb Sweeny, Robyn Matheison, Fabric Warehouse, Alison Blaine, Inhabit design, Global Fabrics, Duncan & Prudence, Bridesville, NZNY KIDS. We are still awaiting the final numbers but there is talk of $4000-$5000 was raised in that hour and a half. Seriously, My heart is full. To see so many people doing so much good for a service that is seriously underfunded is tremendous for the community. These dedicated Mums, Dads and nurses were moved to tears. Thank you to everyone who made a serious difference.

A special thanks if I can to my girl Gretta (who's turning 8 this Friday) a Plunket baby herself at one time she stayed with me late nights for set up, moved furniture, made signs, swept floors, and helped Prudence as wait staff and missed dinner. She was happy to help and I was so proud .What a lovely young lady you are growing into. hugs mum xox

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Nikki said...

It looks like it was amaaaaazing! Well done Mindy. And totally gutted that my goldfish memory failed me.

And isn't Gretta fabulous? Lucky lady you are to have such fab kids! (Though really luck has nothing to do with it :D )