Sunday, September 14, 2008

NEW to the shop this week !

Saturday the lovely rep for Electra Bikes Felicity brought us our demo bike and instantly I fell in LOVE. She even has a name "Cherry Baby".
I have a confession to make, I have not rode a bike in over 10 years. Seriously. But before you boo and throw fruit I recently (today) took my new Electra "Deluxe" (pictured) for a ride to Island Bay today. I was stopped twice by admirers and tooted at twice (no not because I was going to slow or because I look good in my helmet) the motorists gave me a thumbs up in approval on my sweet ride. If your are gonna be eco and ride a bike why not have fun, look cool, and feel sort of like a big kid?
Come in and take a spin on our demo bike. Then choose from any of the bikes available for order.

Electra bikes from of California.
Custom assembled locally.

$750 fully assembled. taking orders now
other models available

Hawaii mint ,Deluxe red ,Sparker ,20'' rat rod ,20'' hawaii, 20'' betty, 20'' townie ,20'' rockabilly

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