Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm my lovelies don't fret I shall return with beautiful things to inspire us all. (fingers crossed) But I can't yet say where I'm going because it will spoil the surprise for someone I love dearly and whom does not know I'm coming. The shop will still be open 7 days a week and Nicky, Sue and Annie will be there to help you with all you shopping needs...till August Ciao! xox

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today's all about BLUE. I can't resist it! After the huge storm we had last night here in windy Wellington the clouds have parted to reveal the most amazing shade of blue behind the puffy white clouds. So I am in a blue mood.
see if you can figure out who is who...Alenna Hennesy, Egg Press, Justinamaria,Sharon Spain & foxy & winston. (I have mixed the order for degree of difficulty)

Friday, July 20, 2007

UK artist Angie Lewin's
lino print greeting cards
are in store now!

I have one piece of advice when buying Angie's prints...

You will give one as a card. But you will kick yourself if you do not get one to frame for home. They are simply magic. I feel her work is alive! They are full of energy. I love them. you can read more about this amazing artist at
Angie Lewin

Liana Kabel of Brisbane, Australia is our newest addition to the shop. We have a handful of pieces by this very talented artist. Hopefully many more to come. The chunky knit wit is my personal favorite while Nicky likes the knit wit earrings.

When I was little (about 3 I think) we lived in a rented, not so flash house on a average block in Southern California. And there taunting me across the street was this beautiful pink house. And even though it was the same house as our lame one (cookie cutter ones that were built in the late 50's) IT WAS PINK!
So that meant it was SPECIAL. I swore to my mother that one day I'd own that house or some days I'd just get mad and say "I'm running away to across the street to the pink house!"
NO I never did buy the thing.
NO I don't even live in the U.S. anymore
NO I'd never own a pink house but the kid in me LOVES pink things. so in honour of the pink house across the street here are some pink things in the shop... (
how's that for a segway?)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WHITE, I love it...never wear it, NO (stains love me) but it is all around the shop. I love how it is the perfect canvas for all that we make and sell which is so colurful! White makes all the patterns and colours so alive.
The shop walls, chalk white. The shop vases, white. Our shopping bags, white so here are some of my favorite white pics of the shop. enjoy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My birthday bonanza!!! wow what a day it was. I came into work and there on my desk was a lovely homemade orange syrup cake with pink frosting my lovely assistant Nicky made me from SCRATCH. The wee stock room was all dressed up in pink and orange theme. Fresh strawberries and mandarins with yogurt too! my dear friends at the lovely vegan cafe next door Pranah gave me a thermal coffee mug to keep my mocha nice and hot (as I'm notorious for getting side tracked with work and ending up drinking them cold). AND a decadent chocolate pecan pie!
Thank you
to everyone
stopped by to share cake and well wishes. You all made it the best day I can remember having in a long time. Oh and thank you to my lovely husband, Stuart, for the roses and gorgeous dinner at local favorite french eatery Manon. (two words, Crispy Duck... yummmmmmm)

so yesterday I had a BIG clean out and organize as dear sweet Annie (whom works on a Sunday) watched Ethan (my 3 year old) for the day so I could tidy the shop properly. It's really needed a good going over as the more stock and trade we get our work area seems to suffer. So bright this morning and back from a wee trip Nicky came into find the new set up.
1. a shelf at the back of our desk to organise odds and ends.
2. a bench for all the new pillows to live.
3. reorganised the gorgeous new card stock that came in.
4. hung more hooks for bags
5. sorted the desk out clutter clutter ! oh how it haunts me.

so it looks like it was well received!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

New to the shop this week...

These have been in the works for ages now. A while back good friend Sue and I were scouting for more good vintage material for handbags and we found two Perfect condition wool blankets late 60's thick and warm. immediately we looked at one another and said "Pillows!" I sketched up the concept and as I do folded the blankets nicely and forgot about them...well finally, last night, I attacked them in a sewing frenzy that lasted till 1am. (don't worry I sewed more than just pillows in that time:)
Sewcherry wool pillows Swiss army and knots & crosses $45 nzd ea.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Definitely a shop staple. Our Sewcherry baby bibs are soft functional and a very affordable gift. $15 NZD ea. They have an elastic closure so they grow with baby to toddler.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Send beautiful flowers anywhere in Wellington!
We have fully trained florists on hand to design the perfect bunch for that special person. Delivery in Newtown is only $5 and $10 for Wellington city and suburbs.
Juniper has got just the thing to suit your budget. We pride ourselves on providing flare to that extra special arrangement, and yes, we do weddings and functions too.
Call nz 04 3894058 or international 64 4 389 4058
fax orders to the same number
or email us at

Thursday, July 05, 2007

OH BaBy! This is one cool bag! stylish, durable,unisex and usable after baby is not a baby.
The new AQ sail cloth Baby bag.
$210 NZD
in store now!

I love the postwoman. She brings be lovely packages and new in stock today are these beautiful laser cut stainless steel earrings and pendants by Polli of Australia. You simply must pop in to try on. oooh I'm already a polli dolly. The succulent earrings are my favourite.

succulent pendant $63

dots earrings $63

blooms $45

more designs in store.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Textile designer Angela Adams new fabric organiser. *2007-2010 calender! *binder style so you can refill on sale now for $38 nzd

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Did you know that juniper is not only a full service florist but we are happily a "green" florist? Since I started in the floral business nearly 10 years ago I was always shocked to see how most flower shops, though they sell a natural product, have very unnatural practices. I believe that a flower will survive for it's optimum time if given heaps of TLC, fresh water DAILY and kept in tepid conditions out of direct sunlight and not kept in a chiller using needless energy. Our flowers last long and our customers will tell you the care we take shows. We NEVER use or give flower preservative with our bunches because we believe educating our customers on how they can preserve flowers naturally is most helpful and better for the environment. We are also developing ways of composting our green waste with others in the Newtown community. If you are a Newtown resident or business owner in the central main district and would like to form a compost co op we'd love to hear from you. Please call Mindy from juniper 389 4058 .