Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My birthday bonanza!!! wow what a day it was. I came into work and there on my desk was a lovely homemade orange syrup cake with pink frosting my lovely assistant Nicky made me from SCRATCH. The wee stock room was all dressed up in pink and orange theme. Fresh strawberries and mandarins with yogurt too! my dear friends at the lovely vegan cafe next door Pranah gave me a thermal coffee mug to keep my mocha nice and hot (as I'm notorious for getting side tracked with work and ending up drinking them cold). AND a decadent chocolate pecan pie!
Thank you
to everyone
stopped by to share cake and well wishes. You all made it the best day I can remember having in a long time. Oh and thank you to my lovely husband, Stuart, for the roses and gorgeous dinner at local favorite french eatery Manon. (two words, Crispy Duck... yummmmmmm)

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