Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mohop! the wait is over, they are here!

It's the shoe that other shoes want to be when they grow up! Mohop. A beautifully well designed and brilliantly constructed shoe that the wearer can customise instantly. As each pair comes with 5, yes! 5 sets of ribbons with each purchase.
But wait there's more! (he. he. I've always wanted to say that) you get to not only look fabulous walking down the street, you get to do it while having a clean conscience. These babies are good for the environment.
Annie Mohaupt makes all her shoes by hand in her Chicago workshop. The sole is made of recyled tires and the base is made up of layers of environmentally friendly plywood, veneers, glues, sealers & inks. A sustainable product that is a work of art and FUN!
Personally,I love them. I own a pair. They are my summer shoe of choice or should I say summer "shoes" of choice?
Come in, try them on but bring a girlfriend as the choices are endless and it's good to have help with the big desions like, what colour? what pattern? what metallic? what floral?...


Anonymous said...

How much are the Mohop shoes?
Enquiring wallets want to know.

rhiannon said...

OH MY. I have oogled those shoes for the last year from a distance.
Now if only you would tell me they come in HUGE sizes. : (.
Hope you're well hun, I'm still alive, barely.
xx Rhiannon

Mindy said...

Yes they do come in larger sizes. we have US size 10 that can fit a NZ 11 foot because of the open toe open back of the shoe. They are a mere $230 NZD which is a steal for a handmade shoe that takes hours to make and has 5 different looks to it. But the first lot are going fast so if you'd like me ti set aside a pair let me know. next shipment may take a while to get.