Thursday, December 07, 2006

All I remember when Nicky and I opened the box that came in the post today was that there was a lot of OH MY GOD! THESE ARE SOOOO CUTE! OH! LOOOK! it was all a blur after that. You have to admit these nesting suitcases from Colour and Movement are devine!

set only $100
also available in pastel selection
and red and white polka dots!


Louise said...

My life is comlete !... where do I get some of these fabulous cases!... any where in Ak? can u send ???

Mindy said...

We can post anywhere in the world! NZ is a flat $5 international post depends on location. By AK I trust you mean Auckland? Let me know which ones you like you can also buy them separatly...lg $38 med $28 sml $18 little $15 wee $12

cheers! Mindy

annie said...

Those are so cute!
Mindy, I have an old email address of yours, and haven't been able to reach you regarding some wooden sandals ;) Would you mind sending me an email at shoes (at)