Sunday, December 25, 2011

I hope you had an amazing Xmas. We sure did! it was a scaled back xmas from times before but what was truly lovely for our family was all the thought that went into our gifts. We took turns unwrapping and making the moment last as long as we could. Our meal was divine and I am proud to say I outdid myself from years past. I channeled every great cook i knew and also a couple grandmothers for good measure. We had a Lemon white wine and Sage Butter basted free range turkey with gravy, Cranberry and cashew stuffing, new potatoes, Summer corn on the cob, garden fresh green beans. Xmas pudding was spiced stone fruit pie with caramel ice cream. My son had 3 helpings! The best was the SUN and i mean the most beautiful sunny day i have ever seen in Wellington. The day was amazing and dare i say perfect. Perfectly happy, perfectly simple, perfectly delicious.

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