Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Next to the pleasantly plump red suited guy there is nothing more christmasy than a gingerbread house. And one turned into MAAAAAANY houses. Our very own wintery village. All 9 kgs of icing sugar, 18 egg whites and 10 kgs of lollies of it. I know it is NOT winter on this end of the world but no matter how long i have been here in this lovely country, come xmas time my mind is transported to what i grew up knowing xmas to be. So many of my expat Brits, Canadian and fellow American customers and friends have a real soft spot for that sort of thing so this years xmas window is dedicated to you all. Young and old. To your inner child with wintry north pole endeavours. It took three days to complete. And I treasured everyone of them. Doing this with my kids was truly something i will never forget. Memories and hysterical laughs (most possibly from sugar inhalation).

I hope you'll come over to have a look and if you are driving by at night...its all lit up then too.

Lastly, I looked up from my desk this afternoon to spot an old man with a cane stopped in his tracks. he gingerly hung his walking cane on his arm while he searched in his pocket pulled out an old school snap camera and took a picture of the window display. Then he slowly walked away with a smile. I don't think i have ever been so proud of a display. It really touched me.

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