Friday, October 28, 2011

After a year in our little fixer-upper of a house I have finally got myself a space carved out for a sewing room. We decided that there were enough beds in the house to accommodate extra guest without using the spare bedroom so it has been reborn as MINDY'S LADY CAVE! It is so lovely to have all my things organised and in one location that i don't have to pack away when i need to cook dinner. I was so happy at the end of the day when i hung the last item that i sat there at the desk and just smiled. I don't for one second assume its going to remain this tidy as anyone who knows me knows that when i create and go all at it. Materials flying everywhere. I like to tidy at the end. It's just how i roll. I wish i could be like friends of mine that tidy as they work. Funny i cook the same way. So here's to many happy weekends spent in my little room. I can't wait to paint it! but that will have to wait. We have more pressing matters around the house.

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