Wednesday, September 07, 2011

There is a little something i do at juniper, though small, it is special. I do this everyday and it starts my day off perfectly. I make my famous little $5 posies for all my lovely customers. Some of these go to people about to visit someone special but sometimes you can tell by the smirk on the customers face its just for them. And I think that is soooooo cool. Buying yourself a wee posy for the week is a great way to treat yourself. Think about it. Its fat free. It has no calories. It won't give you a head ache the next day. So there, next time you wanna do a little something for YOU, buy YOU a posy. I'll be there with my lil buckets to help you.


Janine said...

I think thats great about the posies, I often by flowers for myself. I love the smell of fresh flowers wafting through the house.

Mindy@Juniper said...

Good on you Janine.and thanks for your comment :)