Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here I am! I have not fallen into a crack I have been busy busy working on the new (old) house we purchased back in October. We elected to go away later in the year and use our holidays to tackle the garden and the first installments of DIY. The FIRST PHOTO is of the entry way before the SECOND white photo is of the entry was right now with the primmer on. We agonised over painting the wood but the space was too small for all that dark wood. We elected to show the main feature and brighten the space. I chose the Entry way/ main hallway was the first project to attack as it is, to me, the "first breath of a conversation". It's also the most intricate and complex with all the turned wood features and angles and monster surface issues. So far it is really exhausting. The wall paper striping alone took 5 days to complete. then the filling and surface prep took and another 5 days and now we are at the priming undercoating before the paint. this stage has taken 3 days so all up we have amassed 13 x 12 hours days. Sore does not even begin to describe my condition. But progress made everyday brings us closer and we can see the amazing potential our little Victorian gem has. I am very excited to show you once we have painted!


garcia.sol said...

Lookin Gooood :) xoxo

Paula said...

You know this is priceless, right? That your kids will forever tell the story of 'do you remember when mum and dad made us strip the wallpaper from the ENTIRE entranceway to the house - and we thought it was such good fun'!! I think it's wonderful. Dalzells, you rock!