Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a LOVELY night!!! Sunday Juniper hosted the 3rd annual fabric auction for Newtown Plunket.

Firstly, the fabric was TO DIE FOR this year, amazing! the designers and design houses who donated really outdid themselves and gave from the heart. The team at Newtown Plunket BANDED together like never before to pull off (in the face of allot of bumps in the road) the BEST fabric auction yet. Not necessarily because of how much we raised but the quality of the event. the enjoyment and smoothness of it. Aesthetically pleasing, ease of departments and the addition of eftpos made it a huge success.

In all we raised nearly $3500 this year. Again I am so proud to be a part of the team that made this event happen. A special thanks also goes to Sandwich Place (Lynchgate Mall in Newtown) for the lovely food,Jude Varcoe who was my right hand lady and Plunket GO TO gal all the way.
Samantha (amazing as always) AND last but not least my gorgeous darling daughter Gretta who was so helpful and conducted herself with poise and grace on the night and was looking after all us ladies. I was so proud.

x- mindy

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