Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey Kids!
This is your friendly neighborhood florist with a service announcement.
(now read the window above)
Every year I get some poor guy slinking in the shop the day after valentine's day and he's forgotten about sending or giving something on the day and has to make up for it. But you can't make it up no matter how much you spend. A single rose on the day means more than a dozen the day after. True. You may think I am bit crazy telling people that, but happiness is my business:) Also I would like to tell all you LADIES out there that those guys may be staunch and blokey stinky boys but they have hearts and they need to know you care too. Remember the MAN on valentines day.
*see price full valentine's list below.

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Rhiannon said...

What a gorgeous photo of you! And if we celebrated Valentines I would agree entirely with you.. if you don't do it on the right day you might as well not bother!