Saturday, January 31, 2009

An alternative theory of Valentines Day is
the story of Saint Valentine, who upon rejection by his mistress was so heartbroken that he took a knife to his chest and sent her his still-beating heart as a token of his undying love for her. Hence, heart-shaped cards are now sent as a tribute to his overwhelming passion and suffering. If only he had a really good florist...
{Valentine's Day Price list} for Saturday, Febraury 14th
Dozen roses beautifully boxed & delivered Red or Pink $120 Mixed colours $105 Half dozen roses beautifully boxed & delivered Red or Pink $60 Mixed $55 Juniper Bunch Gorgeous tonal mix of fresh flowers beautifully wrapped & delivered $55 Single rose beautifully boxed & delivered Red or Pink $20 Other $18 Visa & Mastercard accepted. Delivery to all major suburbs and CBD. Friendly Service. Exquisite Flowers. Phone 04 389 4058

Wee moth brooches by eleven brand. Laser cut perspects. No bigger than a 50 cent piece. Lovely little lapel pin is just the perfect gift for posting. only $16.50 four colours

Today's random point of view...
Colour is our friend!
It picks us up when we are down.
Embracing it means you are not afraid to feel good.

Have a lovely colour filled week.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ECO snail mail!
Here we have Fortune Sharing greeting cards. No at first glance you think "Oh lovely little card" But no there is much clever thinking in these cards.
It can be used three times over. It comes with enough note paper for two uses and the last use the card it's self is the envelope. $6 each four colour combos.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We are making way for new Prints Amy Butler Fabric Coming soon. SOooooooo... All Amy Butler fabric is $5 off a meter till the End of January. Be in quick. We have select colors of "Daisy Chain" and "August Fields" lines. Perfect time to cover that chair that has seen it's day or make the perfect fall skirt. What ever the project these fabrics sew & wash beautifully. See you soon.
It's no secret I'm an Obama fan. So today was a big day in my house. 5am start (the poor visiting mother in law had to be woke up too, sorry Cheryl) Cups of tea poached eggs on toast-ala-Mindy as we watched the swearing in.
The 44th President sworn in. Cool moment.
Watching NZ morning news butcher the coverage...not so cool.
Who do I have to pay to get TV1's Pipa and Paul to just stay in bed for one special Day. Really I think the best Newsteams in the world and inside guys have it covered you can just play the live feed. I won't hold it against you. rrrrrrr...
Okay that aside the "Day" was lovely and each word he spoke made me feel as if I was in the old Babtist church I used to go to as a child. (Yah not to keen on the church thing anymore but the "Can I get an amen?" Totally cool
I loved the "amen" part as a kid because it was the only time we were allowed to yell in church.
(pastor rob) Can i get an Amen?
(little mindy)AMEN!
(pastor rob)can I get and an AMEN?
(littlemindy)AMEN!!! then my mom lookin at me like "okay tone it down".
Loved it.

OKAY and Yes I am a complete and utter GIRL when it comes to romantic moments. The first Dance.
Beyonce, dim lights, lovely gown, tux, the couple, the SONG. I was balling. So so lovely.