Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's no secret I'm an Obama fan. So today was a big day in my house. 5am start (the poor visiting mother in law had to be woke up too, sorry Cheryl) Cups of tea poached eggs on toast-ala-Mindy as we watched the swearing in.
The 44th President sworn in. Cool moment.
Watching NZ morning news butcher the coverage...not so cool.
Who do I have to pay to get TV1's Pipa and Paul to just stay in bed for one special Day. Really I think the best Newsteams in the world and inside guys have it covered you can just play the live feed. I won't hold it against you. rrrrrrr...
Okay that aside the "Day" was lovely and each word he spoke made me feel as if I was in the old Babtist church I used to go to as a child. (Yah not to keen on the church thing anymore but the "Can I get an amen?" Totally cool
I loved the "amen" part as a kid because it was the only time we were allowed to yell in church.
(pastor rob) Can i get an Amen?
(little mindy)AMEN!
(pastor rob)can I get and an AMEN?
(littlemindy)AMEN!!! then my mom lookin at me like "okay tone it down".
Loved it.

OKAY and Yes I am a complete and utter GIRL when it comes to romantic moments. The first Dance.
Beyonce, dim lights, lovely gown, tux, the couple, the SONG. I was balling. So so lovely.

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sweetwilliam said...

Nostalgia, pride, homesickness, inspiration all rolled up into one - what a great kleenex moment! I loved the shot of them dancing too - a real fairytale come true.