Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sneak Peek...remember when we said we were going to start offering quick ready to make DIY project kits? Well here is the first of the kits ready for purchase.
ready to sew Flag kit. only $10.
Now the other project kits will be different and "new" ideas but this is the one we get asked about the most in the shop as people love the ones we hanging in store. So we took the lovliest Amy Butler fabrics and pre-cut them in flag shapes included the ribbon needed. So you simply arange them in the order you like, sew, and hang! available in cool, warm and mix color combos.
When I am all mended and back in store I'll have pics of samples so you can se them done but these are pretty self explanitory. have a great weekend.


Sharonnz said...

So cool - can hardly wait to see the mix of fabrics. Hope you're taking it easy.

Trees said...

Yah! I think I will HAVE to go for a walk to Newtown this weekend and buy one!