Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lone Moose
clothing by Bonnie Degros

New in store this week is the largest selection of Lone Moose clothing you'll find anywhere. We have all the favorites (tapestry jackets for kids and hooded merino scarves for ladies) along with the extended
childrens range which includes babies leggings merino hoodies and rain coats!

Our model this evening just happens to be the muse for his mummy. So cute.

In store this week

Annie Smits Sandano was born in Brazil and has lived between New Zealand and her home country for the past ten years. After finishing high school she spent a few months in the USA, where she attended Rhode Island School of Design and strengthened her skills in illustration, design and composition. Following this, Annie spent a semester in Florence, Italy, where she studied illustration, painting, Italian art history and textile design. more on Annie...

We have a full range of Annie's beautiful greeting cards instore now!
please check her website to view where and when you can see her work exhibited. just lovely!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Congratulations to Sue Mc Millan of seam
She had an amazing article on her business in this weeks Dominion Post.

Pictured is the new South island Robin cushion $52 NZD
her range is enormous and diverse so please come in and have a look.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last Wednesday I was so lucky and honored to be invited to speak to the Wellington Embroiders Guild in Thorndon. I was to speak for 15-20 minutes on my craft background, how I came to NZ when I opened my shop and other crafty business related subjects. I must say I was very nervous but not because these ladies were scary but because the work they produce is so good it humbles one. I was there to let them know My plans for introducing new blood into the craft and thus helping them get new members. Firstly, these ladies floored me with the dedication and efficiency they showed. Not only was a huge meeting room set up within 10 minutes complete with roving craft library but secondhand haberdashery sales table, sound equipment, name tag table, and refreshments as well. By the time I got around to asking to help they were hot into making sales and pouring cups. The meeting swung into order with a swift smack of the gavel and away we went. I was invited to the podium after a few words from the president. Fighting the late stages of a cold with my raspy sexy cold voice on, I told of my business concept, the Sublime Stitching by jenny hart classes we put on and showed some of my Sewcherry products. But it was when I brought out my Great grandma Anne's sewing box that I got quite emotional. A tear came to my eye and I had to stop. I realized I was looking straight into the faces of someone else's Mothers and Grandmothers. I know it sounds corny, And I was SO EMBARRASSED how it took hold of me for a minute. I realised I miss my Gran and Great Gran more than I knew.
To be sitting around a table with them, Grandma Pinky, Great Grandma Anne with My Auntie Suzie, My Mum, sisters and I all laughing till it hurt and sewing something amazing, how I would love that. This was all flashing in my mind and it was so surreal. But I carried on. Finished my talk and ran to the corner of the room. When we broke for a break and discussion I was touched to see these lovely women all coming to look into my sewing box. Nodding with approval some smiling at it's contents others picking things up and inspecting for tag and names of old threads etc. (as the box still contains many on Great Grandma Anne's threads. Then a lovely woman came to me in the corner and said "that was very sweet how you spoke of the women in your family. They must be really proud." And you know what? I think they are.

*Thank you to the Wellington Embroiders Guild for their warm hospitality.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

New this week
Polli jewelery of Australia. Just when you think they can't do it better...This is the 3rd season we've had these beautiful pieces and the range is bigger and better. Polli are to be tried on to be believed. Light and delicate but surprisingly strong.
They haven't left out the guys either, there are cuff links 4 styles. The new perspec stands that look like coral reef are stunning. All are in store now and ready to go home with you:)