Saturday, June 23, 2007


Who didn't run their hands through their grandma's button jar as a child? The feel of hundreds of them like plastic treasure in you fingers. I love watching my daughter do the same at the shop with the button pails. There are so many like minded button lovers out there that just adore the jewelery from our selected artists. "Buttons" necklaces and bracelets. Robyn Hambleton's Brooches using rare 20's 30's and 40's buckles and buttons. Or the shop label Sewcherry's button rings.
If you love buttons drop by for a visit. We're sure to have something to make you smile. Or just come is and run your hand through the shop button pail for old times sake.


Anonymous said...


I love your blog and the buttons!!! Would you like to have my mom buy you some more at the Alameda Street Fair next Sunday? I miss you! You know who this is, right...CCC (Crazy California _____________ You fill in the Blank)

Mindy said...

HEY you! Katie poo! God how I miss you. Re: the buttons Yes please! you should email me if possible. so much to tell ya. Hope you are well. hugs

emmamccleary said...

Hey thanks so much for adding me to your links! I'm honoured. emmamccleary

Paula said...

Hiya! Love that top you're wearing in the photo Mindy - is it one of yours? Also, wld be lovely to catch up after school one day? Wanna come by for a cuppa? Drop me a line and I'll send you my ph number. Paula+Lillian
P.S> Lilli loved the Keeker book, btw!

Katie said...

Mindy're "off"? Where are you "off" to? Can my heart even start to flutter with thoughts of you landing on California soil? Look, my cell is 925-658-2414. If you happen to be anywhere near San Francisco...heck, anywhere in me and I'll meet you! We ache for New Zealand. We really, really are gutted to be back here. Even reading about the storms makes me miss it. Oh, and how I would love to walk from my house and enter your shop! Something from Prana, your friendship, the smiles of others in the shop.....Love you,

Anonymous said...

KATIE!!!! I am in the US but I'm in Michigan visiting my sis who just had a baby and didn't know I was coming to see her. We are having a lovely time. We will be spending two days in LA at the airport Radisson so I'll call to hook up. I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO much too. and YOU were in the next Magazine article that came out about the shop! so I have a copy and want to show you so bad. I'll be in touch or call the number I left on your answer phone !!!!! hugs and love mindy

Anonymous said...

Oh and Thank you Paula about the comment on the dress. I didn't make it...FArmers last season. But I call it my magic dress because when ever I wear it good things happen. when I am back from the US we'll definately get together for a tea. And My daughter wants to hijack your dog :)

c u soon