Saturday, April 08, 2006

This week was a bumper week for Juniper. We had great sales but more importantly I got to meet some great people. The shop once again has changed in layout. Something I like to do just to keep all of you locals interested. We have new products in store too. Amazing scarves by Beautycat, new pieces by Madame Fancy Pants, crochet flower brooches by Heather Barnes, wire brooches by Leenne, new cupcakes on canvas by Amy Hammond and"Destination" is an exhibition that started last weekend and is so beautifully sweet and intricate you need to bring a coffee and sit on the stores red otoman and just look at them. I am super excited about this Easter week coming up. sadly all the little handmade bunnies and soft toys I had made up for that week sold so it's off to the machine again to create more huggables. We also sold most of my sewcherry bags that were in store so it's back to grind stone for those too. Wish me luck.

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