Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miss Gretta turned 10 this last weekend. We had a lovely time. All the girls stayed over for a sleepover and awoke to breakfast sammies and oj. It will definately take me another year before I can do again as they were giggling an carrying on till 4am!
It seems like just yesterday that she was in pigtails scribbling with crayons on a little school desk in the corner of the old shop. Now she's workin' the till and answering phones.

Monday, October 25, 2010

This last week was the last Lucky dip project nite of the year. Appropriately it was XMAS themed. We did "Reccession Chic" ornaments and decorations for the home using foil glue and glitter. Simply done but beautiful. give it a go. 5meters of foil will yeild you dozens and dozens so it's great value for money.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I realise that like me most of you love to window shop. You may not live in Newtown so you can't see our windows. So here is our latest window display of goodies for you to virtually stroll by. And you can even press your face up to the screen to see if anyone is inside...

I am sooooooooo sorry. There has been no blogging from this girl because this girl just bought a new (old) house and is in the early stages of massive renovations. that said the shop has been filling up slowly for the holiday season that is right around the corner. The funny thing is that so much has been bought up that we are gonna probably have to get more at this rate. Here are some of the special treats on show right now in store. enjoy!
now off to choose wallpaper.