Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This week thus far has been a realy good week. A possible new house on the horizon, new jewelery instore, stunning flowers from market, Some sun!, and a weekly change up of the displays which I actually love more than anything in my day! so here is a montage of this week so far. Oh and I saw Cemetary Junction with my lovely little friend Paula :) the wall paper alone was enough to keep me happy. The movie was really funny and just a little breath of fresh air. Very much a blokes movie so if you have to drag your man to a movie that is not shooting robots from hell this he will like as an alternate.

Really funny. go see.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet William Prints in store now!!!

New things...

We got the building repainted! Charcoal grey. It was looking really sad. and the top was 100 different patched wood colours. thankfully the landlord let me do it.

I picked up some lovely little treats from the framer for the house. These soda pop lables from the 40's 50's unused $5 for all of them on trade me and had them framed. LOve them in my kitchen. I might have new house to put them in soon. fingers crossed our offer is accepted on a lovely property. "Oh please please please let me get what I want this time"...(the smiths rock)
So hope you have a lovely weekend. Spare a thought for me as I wait anxiously for word on my dream do-up house. eeeek!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Buckle and Bow Winter Beanie!!!

June's Lucky Dip craft project

was embelishing a standard winter beanie with scrap fabric and vintagle buckles. Every one of these finished projects I would buy and wear myself. I love winter accesories! Sorry for the quality of the photos but my phone camera is to blame not me :) I did take more pic but alas they did not come out. I so wish I could show you all of the beanies they were lovely. Thanks to everyone who came out for the evening. You all were a blast to have and always lots of laughs.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I live in the best city in the world!!!
But I make no excuses for our unpredictable weather and lack of winter sunshine and WIND glorius wind! So to celebrate the fickle weather of our lovely city here is the newest addition to our posters exclusive to juniper.
$8 each

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Spread the word my lovelies! Yup juniper is going all out for the queens birthday with a four day SALE! and this will not be topped this year. We have starfish %50 off remaining stock. 50-70% all items in our big red sale basket on brands like thunder pants, chronicle books, eleven brand and much more. Also heaps of fabric and selected stock that is 20% off. yeeeeeeah. So like grab a friend and make a day of it. Sale starts FRIDAY ends MONDAY. These items must go because we are anticipating a huge lot of new stock arriving in the next few weeks. soooo exciting. See you this weekend.