Wednesday, March 26, 2008

new this week!!!


"Since chalkydigits was born in 2001, we have been finding our
inspiration right here in our own backyard. We’re in business because
we love what we do and we believe we can make a difference.
We believe in supporting local industry by designing and
producing our clothes right here in New Zealand.
We believe in offering quality clothes using
environmentally responsible processes
and low impact production.

Walk tall wearing New Zealand made, be aware of
your environmental footprint and get out there
and enjoy this beautiful world we live in"

Juniper currently have a small winter range in store. Might I say they are GORGEOUS! beautiful felted halters to wear as a winter vest. Stunning felted skirts with embroidered NZ map detail, cozy wool hoodies with clever thumb holes and silkscreen detailing and so much more. But it won't last long.


jewellery by
Karen Hermon

Better than Alphabet Soup. This new laser cut perspects jewellery by Karen Hermon is totally perfect for any occasion. can be worn short or long. $48 NZD each.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weddings, Weather & Eggs?

This weekend was filled with To do's for this ol'girls list. Yep Friday and Saturday I had my self two weddings to do flowers for.
one of which is pictured.
Sunday, We took the wee kiddies to good friend and customer Paula's Easter egg Hunt-o-Rama. So much fun. Then I settled right back into designing new jewelery, bags and displays for the shop.
To top it all we have had the most amazing weather here in Welly this past four days.
That's this month wrapped up nicely I think.
weddings, weather and eggs.

Sunday, March 16, 2008




What happens when two designers, hooked on the Make-It-Yourself (MIY) revolution, see the need for a new magazine for creative New Zealanders? They make one themselves, of course. For Thomas Schickedanz and Hannah Gardiner, the beginnings pretty much epitomise the concept of World Sweet World, a new kiwi, alt/indie (alternative/independent), MIY/lifestyle magazine. “Basically, we like making stuff,” says Hannah, “and we know that loads of other people do as well, but when we were first looking for a magazine for makers and creative folk, we were really surprised to find one didn’t already exist. It's part of who we are as New Zealanders, but seems to be really underrepresented in terms of our magazine fare.”

Taking inspiration from 1970s how-to books and giving them a modern, indie spin, the two have created a magazine that slots neatly into the gap between high-end design magazines and the more traditional craft fare currently on offer. “We saw this gaping hole,” says Thomas, “there just didn't seem to be anything around for people who are hands-on creative, that had fun, modern projects with a design aesthetic. We also know that the world's resources aren't limitless, so we wanted to provide people with new ways of looking at their waste and energy consumption. Our projects focus on re-purposing things rather than throwing them away, a process also known as 'up-cycling'.”

Split into two parts, 'Making Time', and 'Story Time', World Sweet World has beautifully illustrated, “step-by-step instructions for making cool stuff”, says Hannah, “followed by fun articles about people, places or things that we think our readers will find inspiring”. And it certainly does.

Issue one, endearingly named, 'Making Friends,' shows how to re-upholster kitchen chairs using old billboard skins, make tumblers out of beer bottles, and shelves out of drawers. It delves into the world of indie craft fairs, recycling in Wellington, and Christchurch artist Gemma Stratton's fantastical art works.

World Sweet World magazine aims to be a swap-meet of ideas and inspiration, so readers are invited to participate in creating content, sharing design ideas and exchanging views on how to lead a creative and sustainable life, via the website, Thomas says, “Our three main focusses are creativity, sustainability and fun – if someone has an idea and it fits those criteria, it's got a pretty good shot at making it in to the World Sweet World. The idea is to give readers a creative hit every few months to inspire them to get thinking and making. We’ve got heaps of fun projects planned based on the idea of up-cycling and re-using, and we’ll be showcasing makers and creative people from New Zealand and around the world.”

The pair feel that 'nice' as a brand value is often underrated, and it seems that they aren't the only ones. Feedback pre-launch has already been overwhelmingly positive – as one happy retailer put it, “There is just something that feels good about this magazine.”

World Sweet World Magazine launches on March 22 at Wellington's leading indie craft fair, Craft2.0, at TheNewDowse ( It is published quarterly and is available through nice stores (like JUNIPER) around the country. See for a full list of stockists.

official WSW press release march 08

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am so excited to have Ash Hiltons work in store right now. The fruit series is jewellery that is fun, quirky & so beautiful. These pieces are the party pieces you wear that make everyone smile.

about Ash...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

We need a MONTAGE! yeaaah a FLORAL MON-TAGE!

Weddings, events, births, even the sad stuff. I do it all. And you can bet they'll be fresh and lovely. Because I love my blooms to bits. Simply call 04 389 4058 10am-5pm weekdays and 11am-3pm weekends

Thank you Newtown!!!

The Newtown Festival came and went in what felt like a pleasure storm of food fun music and carnival busking. It was so busy in the shop from literally 8am-6pm . We had a non stop flood of lovely joyous people feeling the vibe that was the festival. A big thank you to Peter Frater and his small but hugely dedicated team for putting this on. And Thanks to Phoenix Foundation for playing the free show...need I say more.

picture of festival courtesy of Biru Dan Coklat