Sunday, June 17, 2012

Well after a very emotional and trying last few months, with the flood in the shop and and the unexpected closure of juniper, I have comes to terms with everything. 
If there is anything that this last few months has taught me is that every single thing, good or bad happens for a reason.  Call it fate, call it god's will, call it the roll of cosmic dice, but I was forced onto a different path that I am embracing and loving more everyday. Firstly you will see that I haven't been here much at all but I have been plenty busy and if you don't know already I launched a new website called
Twig & Arrow
You can also find us on our new facebook page for Twig & Arrow
Don't worry I'll be keeping tabs on the Juniper fb in case you don't get around to switching just yet , but eventually as everyone comes over we will be winding it down with juniper. I hope you like what we've created.  I am immensely proud of how its all turned out.  We will be adding little bits every week.  Our "vintage" section is very soon going to explode with a whole heap of old school & retro goodies so watch that space!

I hope you will check us out. We've got some very lovely things planned for our followers...

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Tracy said...

Mindy I would like to talk to you about ur experiences at the site in Newtown which I am considering renting. Could u pls contact me on 021 1321696 and I can call u back at a suitable time. Id really appreciate ur advice and id like to hear ur story. Sincerely Tracy