Monday, March 26, 2012

Very rarely i get to make something for me. For my house. This was a project I was making for the shop but the kids and I fell in love the minute we put it up. And so its ours now. Ethan Loves the shadows it casts upwards and reminds him of "the woods". I will endevour to make them for the shop but till then this ones staying home:)
Its all made from twigs from around our property. wired and glued for extra support. Then a final touch
with white sraypaint for a frosty birchwood look. viola!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Here is your Free Project for the weekend! My cupcake paper birds. fun to do with the kids.
on another note...

There's some exciting things happening around juniper. And for the next few weeks you'll probably see the shop evolving. Slow and steady wins the race though. And nooooooo i can't tell you what's happening. you just have to be patient;) Nothing will change with juniper but we are carving out a little space for something very special for all of you juniper lovers. It will be worth the wait. Whilst making room, I've been uncovering a few things in the process. In the stockroom is a late 70's early 80's Elna over locker with manual that i forgot i had. It's for sale $100. It was serviced two years ago and never used after that. Just pop in the shop to have a look. Well that's all from me today Kiddies. Have a great weekend. xox

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SANDY CONNON photographer

I first heard of Sandy Connon 8 years ago. I was pregnant with my second child and one day while eating my lunch in a cafe in Wellington i spied her works on the wall. Now I am a lover of black and white photography but more than anything I love a subtle dramatic moment or thought captured with a keen eye. Instantly i knew I wanted Sandy to photograph my girl, Gretta. Then age 3 and breathtakingly beautiful with her wild blue eyes and untamed hair. After the session with Sandy (which was so effortless and quietly active) She called me again to view the work. And i do believe i cried. When i saw the slides of little Gretta it was one of my top intimate moments as a mother. Here was this child that everyday i cared for now in film all i saw was this beautiful spiritual thing I'd brought into the world. One set of pictures were purchased for my husbands birthday, a series of her playing a game she and him played often. But, there was one shot i wanted. I couldn't get it too. We were just starting out. But yesterday, i surprised Gretta with a visit to Sandy's studio where there in her archives was that shot i so loved. Gretta was really touched and I just felt like i could reach in and touch that 3 year old. the clarity was amazing. I talked for a long time with Sandy about the importance of artistic portraiture and what it means for a family to have archival heirlooms of their family history. I tell you now, there is not a day that goes by that i don't look at those shots of Gretta and smile. Now, I can't wait to have my new Old shot of Gretta. The one i always wanted.

Thank you Sandy for your time and great care you have taken with all our Wellington children and families. You are a true Newtown gem.

Note: If you would like to contact Sandy to book a session you can contact her here.

or phone 04 389 5196 Definitely tell her Mindy sent ya ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my friend and resident Newtown textile artist Lyn Wards. Her works are so intricate and the colours so beautiful that even the jars of offcuts are a work all themselves. She says she does not know what she keeps them for but i know she'll have that "AH HA!" moment and run into the shop and present me with something amazing because that is what she does. Everywhere I look in her humble little space there are treasures and trinkets from long ago. She's like a magpie but she brings home nothing that she does not love. I sat with her for a wee while this afternoon and chatted while she very calmly worked away on her newest pieces. They are my favourite so far. She's so chilled out but her hands work with the wool so incredibly fast. Thanks Lyn for sharing with me your space and stories. If you'd like to see Lyn's work pop in anytime. She might even be there hanging out:)

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Great day today. We were fortunate to have a break in the weather for the Newtown festival. The turnout was amazing and so inspiring to see all the people even in the rain out supporting the festival. The food was amazing as always the stalls awesome and there were a few jaw dropping ones. Jules Vine was one such stall. From Nelson this artist is simply mind blowing. teeny tiny mechanically perfect works that i still cant believe are possible. I have loved Vines work for years but never seen a piece in real life. To see it all was almost to much. i was like a child again. most pieces no bigger than a thumb nail. Now sadly there is no chance of us getting any of this amazing work in as another jewelery store has exclusivity. But i believe in Vines work so much i reckon you all needed to know about it. Hope you all have a great week ahead. I am inspired and fired up!